Mind-Body Counselling and Psychotherapy

Mind-Body Counselling and Psychotherapy

Using a variety of theories and approaches, I help my clients access their own (often hidden) resources to promote healing and transformation in their journey towards wholeness, authenticity, genuine positive relationships, and a deepening connection to self, nature, spirit, and community.

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Jennifer Scott, RCC, RSW, BC-DMT

Relationships are often our greatest treasures and our biggest challenges in life.
Whether we are referring to our relationship with family, partners, friends, or colleagues, relationships can both nurture our deepest longing for love and connection and stir up our most painful hurts. When things go awry in a relationship, it often leaves us feeling lost, confused, emotionally distraught, and alone.

The key to having healthy relationships is finding the balance between connection and differentiation. We learn about how to be in relationship from parents and others who are also often struggling in their own relationships. We learn communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and relational skills all throughout our early years and these patterns tend to stay with us into adulthood. By getting curious about and non-judgementally studying our patterns and triggers, we can unleash our full potential for finding that balance between connection and differentiation.

Counselling can help you discover your patterns and triggers and help you find connection and differentiation within yourself and in relation with others. I use a mind-body approach to help you deepen your awareness of yourself and heal past wounds so you can realize your full potential for healthy relationships.