Mind-Body Counselling and Psychotherapy

Mind-Body Counselling and Psychotherapy

Using a variety of theories and approaches, I help my clients access their own (often hidden) resources to promote healing and transformation in their journey towards wholeness, authenticity, genuine positive relationships, and a deepening connection to self, nature, spirit, and community.

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Grief & Loss

Jennifer Scott, RCC, RSW, BC-DMT

Have you suffered a loss and can't quite manage your feelings? Have you noticed how it is affecting your relationships, your health, your work, your joy, your sense of aliveness? Then you are not alone. Losses of any kind, whether the death of a loved one, loss of an important job, loss of your home or lifestyle, can affect people deeply. Everyone grieves differently and in their own time so your journey of grief will be unique to you. Often family and friends are grieving as well and are not able to offer you the kind of support you need. In our society, grief is often not accepted or even recognized for what it is. As well, sometimes previous traumatic events or emotional issues may complicate the grieving and healing process. Addressing grief and surrendering to it are one way through, but everyone needs support to take this journey. If you are not getting the support you need, it might be time to call for help and see a counsellor. You can move through this difficult time with grace with adequate grief  supportive counselling.